Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Beating The Common Cold

We are feeling the cold again and doctors all over the world are advising the elderly, to come to their surgeries to receive an influenza vaccination (flu jab).

The immune system of many old people finds it hard to fight against viruses in general, not just the flu virus. Many people catch a cold and many call that flu, ( I admit to being guilty of this) males reportedly make this error more.

In a common cold you don’t suffer with a fever or headache, however it is usual for you to get a stuffy nose, and sore throat. In a lot of cases you will be sneezing and possibly suffer with mild chest discomfort.

When you get flu, you are in no doubt that you have it, you are pole axed with a high fever for days on end which is often accompanied with a nasty headache.

I know that when I had flu, I had pains in my neck and I felt absolutely ghastly. Not only that, I have spoken to others who have had the flu and they reported feeling weak and fatigued. For those with a low immune system, influenza can be dangerous.

A little bit of history for you here, in 1918 and 1919 a flu pandemic killed 70 million people, this actually claimed more lives than the four years of the First World War.

Whether you get the flu or not, is usually depends on how robust your immune system is. What makes the difference between you recovering from influenza or not is how (rapidly) your immune response develops.

I'd advise you not to wait until you get ill to find out just how fit you are. You need to start taking precautions now.

You can start getting fit by walking in the open air for 30 minutes 3x a week. Go to bed shortly after 10pm and some get som quality sleep. Eat properly, freshly made raw vegetables, fruits, smoothies, 2 immune system modulating capsules and 2,000mg of good quality vitamin C.

Check back soon for some more informative blog posts.

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