Thursday, 27 August 2009

Learning Self Hypnosis

Frequently asked questions about self-hypnosis

Is it true that you can find out more about yourself when you do self-hypnosis?

Yes. Because you will be dealing your subconscious, you may discover some facts about yourself that you never knew. For the most part, you will become enlightened on the things that you sometimes hid from yourself.

You may even discover hidden motivations that in some ways can help you become a more rounded individual. Like everything in life; how each person benefits from self hypnosis will vary from person to person.

Is it safe?

When in the hands of professional hypnotists, it is. The problem is with most reports is the fact that they blame the procedure when it is the individual’s fault. News of hypnosis sessions going awry is not the fault of hypnosis as a science but amateur and fake hypnotists. That is why it is important to research the background of hypnotists first before a person even makes an appointment. Remember that this person will have control of your mind for while. If that is not reason enough to really make sure they’re legitimate, I don’t know what is.

What are things that you can use self-hypnosis with?

Some of the most common things that people use self-hypnosis for is changing an existing mindset and personality. A person for instance who easily angers can learn to be patient through self-hypnosis. The same goes with a person who cannot stop gossiping.

Students have also used self-hypnosis to enhance learning. Hypnosis is after all can improve one’s memory and concentration levels. Many have even claimed that it can help controls their pain barrier.

Self hypnosis for weight control and for other health issues such as stopping smoking is gaining popularity also.

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